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The Stanton Guest House & Concert Hall is Natchez’ newest and finest boutique hotel! Featuring 6000 square feet of beautifully-renovated elegance, including a Concert Hall that seats 50, the Stanton Guest House is sure to become Natchez’ most popular new destination!

Walkable to everything downtown, the Stanton Guest House is located just a few blocks from the Mississippi River and Natchez’ Main Street, across the street from Stanton Hall and the world-renowned Carriage House Restaurant.

Built in 1892, in view of Natchez’ most palatial mansion, Stanton Hall, Stanton Guest House is a lovely Italianate Mansion, offering six private suites, each with private bathrooms and lush, elegant appointments. Each of the suites is named for a member of the Stanton Family – and each one is truly unique. At the heart of the mansion is a fully-enclosed New Orleans Courtyard.


Frederick Stanton was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1794 and made his way to Natchez in 1815, where he quickly made his fortune as a cotton broker. As one of the region’s wealthiest men, Mr. Stanton built Stanton Hall in the 1857. Sadly, shortly after moving into his new mansion, Frederick Stanton passed away, leaving his wife and children to live in the home they had named “Belfast” without him.

His wife, Hulda Stanton, lived until 1894, and they had three children: Varina, Thomas, and Elizabeth.

As a tribute to the Stanton family, our six suites are named for Mr. and Mrs. Stanton, each of their children, and Belfast, the original name given to Stanton Hall.


The mansion’s beautiful ballroom, complete with silk wall coverings, gold chandeliers, and views of the New Orleans Courtyard, seats 50 and features lovely gold chairs and a grand piano. It is available for concerts and small events – and the owner, Dan Gibson, entertains frequently in this venue.

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